Urban Farming - Ocala Florida

Urban Farming
What is needed to attract the next generation of farmers into agriculture? Isn't this the real shortage that needs to be addressed to ensure rban farming thrives in the future?

What happens if there is plenty of land and water but not enough farmers? Where will the food come from? Farmers are at the mercy of many market forces they cannot control. When you cant predict accurately what will the be the future price of anything how do you plan accordingly? It would seem to me the goal of any farming exercise should be to reduce costs, reduce space, reduce utilities, reduce labor, reduce supply chains, middle men and one's carbon footprint. 

Imagine having full control. Imagine using less and growing more - automatically. Imagine producing your own, selling your own and having the flexibility to grow crops continuously and not in batch mode. Imagine being able to do this anywhere - on or off the grid. Imagine even being able to move in case something bad is coming your way. The future farmers of Planet Earth must be able to make money, enjoy what they do and provide the best crops possible.

This is the challenge ahead. This is what we do. Join us in an effort to remove hunger as a world topic. Join us in enabling everyone everywhere to grow what is needed to feed themselves without the intervention of governments, corporations and the weather.

Sun State Organics specializes in enabling and empowering growers. Unlike virtually all system providers we do not restrict what you can use, how you grow or whose pots, fertilizers and soils you use. We believe people are very clever and can find ways of doing things we have never imagined. We encourage creativity and experimentation and support your desire to explore and learn.

We support and embrace urban farming in all its forms and while we prefer to do things organically there is a place for hydroponics, aeroponics, aquaponics, permaculture and all the rest of the difference ways and methods. You will find we do things a little differently because we actually manufacture our systems right here in the good ole USA. We understand how Americans like to compete against each other and our clients love our ability to produce products that allow them to outcompete anyone. Sounds silly right? Ok - lets try this...

  • How much did you spend on soil last year?
  • How much did you spend on Fertilizer last year
  • Heat?
  • Light?

I bet you spent a small fortune on those things - how would you like a system where you didn't spend money on those things? Well we have that - We make it - no one else does that - that's why we are different and some say  - the best. We thought of it all and provide it all from one place - not from multiple vendors who run away when something goes wrong. So the next time you start looking around for a system that is comprehensive, integrated and enables you to do more with less - think of us - Sun State Organics - the leader in small scale farming systems - the leader in Vertical Growing Systems.