System Advantages - Ocala Florida

System Advantages
  • The process is odorless
  • The end product - vermicast is odorless, smelling like fresh soil.
  • Vermicast has a high market value as a fertilizer or soil conditioner.
  • Green waste is converted into an enhanced, value-added product.
  • The market for the end product has not been saturated.
  • Vermicast is easily transported. It can be bagged, or shipped in bulk
  • The leachate produced is a valuable nutrient source.
  • Worm Tea is a valuable all natural pesticide/fertilizer.
  • The process is pollution free.
  • The process uses little land and consumes little energy to operate
  • When compared with soil, worm casts also contain:
  • 5 times more nitrogen; 7 times more phosphorus;
  • 1.5 times the calcium; 11 times more potassium;
  • 3 times more exchangeable magnesium.

Continuous Flow Reactors
  • Flow through design- Organic waste in on the top and finished Vermicompost out the bottom provide 95% worm free. 90% of the worm population will be found in the top 4 inches of the worm bed. Harvesting begins 6-8 weeks after setup.
  • Year around use, 365 days a year. 
  • Highly aerobic conditions are easily maintained
  • No loss of nutrients due to seepage into the ground.
  • No need to turn materials
  • After initial inoculation no further worm population will be needed. The population will propagate and maintain ample populations to process the organic feedstock