How do you know your plants are getting all they need to grow up and lead productive lives?

GrowCups are the perfect way to take the guesswork out of container gardening. Open, pour stir and plant - it's just that easy. GrowCups are one shot plant food supplements that feed your plants over 90 days. GrowCups come in 3 formulations specially designed with all the nutrients and micro elements for your plants. The nutrients in growcups are all OMRI listed and each cups contains enough plant food for plants living in 2 gallon pots. Got bigger plants? No problem - just use multiple cups. No storage of chemicals, no measuring out dosages, no open containers for your pets and children to get into. GrowCups are the fast, simple and safe way to feed your plants indoors and out all year long.


Growcups come in USPS priority shipping mailers and hold 6 cups. Shipping and handling is $12.95 anywhere in the USA.