Organic Gardening, Sustainable Agriculture, Vertical Growing Systems, organic gardening in Ocala, organic gardening in Florida, vertical growing ocala Sun State Organics, Ocala, Florida

Ocala, Florida Organic Gardening, Sustainable Agriculture, Vertical Growing Systems, organic gardening in Ocala, organic gardening in Florida, vertical growing ocala

Ocala, Florida Organic Gardening, Sustainable Agriculture, Vertical Growing Systems, organic gardening in Ocala, organic gardening in Florida, vertical growing ocala

Sustainable Agriculture

Organic Gardening

Our organic or hydroponic vertical growing system is an ideal answer to urban farming and sustainable agriculture. It meets the USDA organic standards for growing organically.

Our growing gardening system is the only real organic system out there - the others are hydroponic systems using faux organic chemicals. We can grow more at less cost by eliminating supply chains and middlemen through our line of organic waste conversion equipment. We make our own soils and fertilizers where others buy them. SSO is a designer & manufacturer of organic waste processing equipment. SSO offers consulting services to organic waste generators and assists clients with custom tailored waste solutions.

SSO designs and manufactures organic conversion equipment that is easy to use, built from quality components and able to achieve a level of processing unrivaled in our industry. We believe in empowering people and providing them with the tools they need to change their local environment into sustainable solutions.

We have been in the organic conversion business for over 20 years and our methods and processes have been endorsed by the US EPA, The US Olympic Committee and numerous national and international environmental bodies. We take great pride in our ability to custom design a waste processing solution that can work anywhere. We don't have one system that works one way - we have several systems that can inter connect and integrate easily to provide flexibility and great economic advantage. We work with companies, governments and leading environmental groups to provide sustainable solutions in unique and amazing ways. Our systems do not require permits as they are all zero emission systems. On or off the grid there is no other company in the world that offers the systems, knowledge and experience needed to make projects come together and operate successfully.

SSO's business philosophy is to make the needs of our customers our main priority. It is our mission to provide our customers with fast turnaround, exceptional quality, unparalleled customer service and competitive pricing.

Image of the cover photo of the GROWPOL VGS 100 Elite System by Sunstate Organics

SunState Organics' GrowPol

The Sun State Organics Vertical Growing System empowers people to grow organically, hydroponically or aquaponically. It’s the most flexible system that grows the widest range of crops indoor or out. Our system grows more per square foot and uses 90% less water than traditional farming.

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Vertical Growing Systems

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Image of the SunState Organics VGS 200 in an outdoor setting in front of a house.

VGS 200

Check Out Our 100% Organic Plant Food Options

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Considering a renewable energy solution?

We have a team of renewable energy experts with a focus on waste to energy and food solutions. Our mission is to provide our clients with affordable, modular solutions with the quickest route to exceptional return on investments and a cost effective route to expansion in the future.

Our staff can provide assistance from feasibility studies to affordable issue resolution of existing operations. If you are considering starting a waste project or in the middle of establishing one contact us and we will be happy to give you an initial telephone consultation free.

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SunState Organics

Sun State Organics offers consulting services to a broad spectrum of industries. If you have organics you are paying to dispose of you are throwing away money. If you would like to find out how to convert waste organics into products that can earn you money give us a call. Over the past 20 years we have been asked to assist on problems no one else has been able to solve. Our solutions are simple, effective and generate profits. We convert waste disposers into valuable product producers. Whether you are paying to dispose of animal waste, food waste, or agriculture residues we can show you how to take your costs centers and make them into profit centers.

Florida Algae Solution

(07/21/2016) Remediation of WaterwaysSun State Organics is proud to offer our patented solution for cleaning up the Algae problem in Florida. Our solution can be applied anywhere in the world and it will quickly clear waterways. Our solution is safe to humans, animals and marine life, will quickly clear the waters and it is approved in Florida and in use today.The ProblemFlorida, known for its’ miles of pristine beaches and sunshine, brings tourists from all over the world with significant economic impact. However, currently these pristine beaches are plagued by smelly, toxic algae in South Florida, beaches. The current algae problem is hurting Florida economically and devasting our tourism industry and businesses. The algae can be traced to several causes including cattle ranches, farms and neighborhoods as far north as Orlando. These phosphates, from this vast area, drains into Lake Okeechobee, where all this phosphorus feeds the growth of these horrific algae blooms, which are ultimately discharged to the ocean. As an example, the target phosphorus level for the lake is 105 metric tons a year. Last year, the lake received 450 metric tons. This problem has been building up over decades, and defies simple solutions. Environmentalists point to decades of over-development and lax regulation of agriculture, saying the state never enforced farms, cities and other sources of phosphorus to reduce it sufficiently to allow the lake to recover. Phosphorus-laden discharges of water from the lake have been blamed, along with the hot weather, septic tanks and other factors, with causing these catastrophic algae blooms that have coated Treasure Coast beaches with green, smelly slime. About 37 percent of phosphorus comes from land to the north that drains into the Kissimmee River, according to a 2015 report by the South Florida Water Management District. This includes vegetable farms, citrus groves, cattle ranches, dairy farms and neighborhoods as far north as the Orlando suburbs, where lawn fertilizer, animal waste and other sources of phosphorus wash into the Kissimmee river, which feeds into the Lake Okeechobee. Although many environmentalists blame "Big Sugar," the cane fields of U.S. Sugar and Florida Crystals around the southern rim of the lake, this actually accounts for only a small percentage of its phosphorus problem.The SolutionThe simplest solution is to find something to eat the algae, septage and phosphorus as it is being dumped in the waterway. Our patented solution involves the sterilization of algae - it is a novel invention with profound and immediate ramifications for all wastewater issues. Our solution eats the algae before it has a chance to get out of control and it does this safely and it is a proven solution that is in use in Florida today. In reality, there is really no practical way to eliminate septic tanks or cattle or agriculture in Florida, without significant financial ramifications. This current disaster can be re-mediated quickly, with no noise and no disruption to any activity and the end result is clean water and food for fish. There may be other solutions, but we know there will not be another safer, instantaneous, low-cost solution that will recover the pristine coastline of Florida. An On-Site Algae Remediation in Water WaysThe Florida Clean Water, LLC (FCW) system utilizes the problem algae and sterilizes the algae so it can be used as a feed source for our microbes. Once the algae is sterilized, it is fed to our microbes and digested. Our plan entails growing a large quantity of this select family of microbes and using them in the contaminated water ways where they will immediately eliminate the odor of decaying algae and consume the algae itself. This is a proven passive solution which creates no disturbance to anyone or anything and the solution will quickly re-mediate the problem at a low cost. This is the fastest way to return the pristine waterways and beaches back to the tourists. This microbial solution will also consume itself after the food source disappears.These microbes will be grown at a central location we call a "Mother Site". The microbes will be bred and brought to a dispersion area and released. The selected microbes will become dominant, and as they work their way from the release point down the waterways, through the algae, they will multiply exponentially from the abundant food (algae). This will result in the swift removal or abatement of algae, septage and the smell.This solution is mobile and can easily be operated by any trained personnel. The capital cost of the skid portable unit is minimal (includes our high performance microbes) including set up and 14 days of operational instruction. The system can be purchased and operated by the state or municipalities. It is suggested that one of these units would be placed at a main discharge location and other units would be placed at the most troublesome locations farther downstream Frequently Asked QuestionsHas this been done before and where? The solution provided here is already in use in the waste water industry in Florida. The system has been enhanced and improved through our patented sterilization process. Once the unit is setup - how long will it take before someone sees noticeable results? You can see results almost immediately. In just a few short days the microbes will multiply and consume virtually all the algae encountered. What is required to service the unit? The cost to service the portable skid is included in the license fee. Our team will service each unit annually and repair any system that breaks down for whatever reason immediately. Does it work in hot or cold water? Yes, the microbes work in both hot and cold water. Please note that in extreme cold water the microbes will go dormant and stay that way until the water warms back up and then they will become active again. Does it work in fresh and salt water? Yes, the microbes work in both salt and fresh water and do not really care which one they reside in. Who is it that is offering this solution and what experience do they have in this field? Florida Clean Water (FCW) has acquired the rights to this system from a renowned system designer and inventor. The inventor built upon existing systems and created a way to do this through a sterilization process that is patented. Can this solution cause any harm to human or plants or marine life? No, the microbes used in this solution have been approved and it is safe for all humans, plants and marine life. There are no pathogens in our system and the microbes can be found in food and water around the world. For additional information please contact Brian C. 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Students Stock Schools Produce

(04/22/2016) The "Farm to School" program has students getting their hands dirty while feeding lunchrooms with hundreds of pounds of fresh produce from the Hub at the Horizon Center in Gainesville. "The average day we plant, we harvest." Hard work that pays off, according to student Simon Williams. He is one of the many students who work at the hub. "My favorite part about it is harvesting, planting and composting." Kelli Brew is the coordinator for the school district's program. "Students are learning here, job training, also facilitating getting hundred and hundreds of pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables into the meal programs for the school."...Read More ​

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